Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to my studio!

So glad you dropped by!  Wander around a bit and you'll find the following information:
   1 - Quilt Gallery
   2 - My Pricing
   3 - Quilt preparation info
   4 - Designs to choose from
   5 - Links to quilting helps
   6 - Links to favorite products and businesses

My preferred quilting method is edge-to-edge.  

I hope the quilts I complete will be slept under, used as tents, taken on picnics and/or snuggled under by a campfire.  They come from the heart of the quiltmaker and are given, not only to be used, but, to remind others how much we love them.  My grandson says quilts are like a hug.

I'd love to help you finish the "hug" you planned when you picked up that first piece of fabric and started to cut.

I quilt exclusively with wonderful Superior Threads - check them out for piecing and embroidery thread as well!

For your convenience, I offer high quality Quilter's Dream batting.