Quilting Helps

Have you ever wished you didn't have to struggle to get that quilt finished?  You've spent hours piecing and now you just want to get it done.

There are some basic skills which will make those final steps a piece of cake!  If you don't have a teacher who's guiding you through the process, you can still learn everything you need to know on the web.  YouTube is a GREAT resource for quilting tutorials.

I'm always available to answer questions!  Please don't hesitate to call even if you're not bringing me your quilt to finish.

The following are videos/webpages which will help you develop or "fine-tune" your quilt finishing skills. Just click on the subject and get started!

Two great tutorials on borders:

Perfect Quilt Borders 

How to Measure Your Quilt for Borders

Binding on a Sewing Machine 

Bumpless Binding 
Please email me if you have any quilt related questions.  If I don't know the answer, I can find it!

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