Pricing is based on the size of your quilt, in square inches.  This is calculated by measuring your quilt's length and width and multiplying the two numbers.

For example:  Quilt length =  67 inches     67
                       Quilt width  =  84 inches   x 84
                                                               5628 sq inches

I charge $.01 per sq inch. Using your quilt's area - 5628 sq inches, you would now multiply again:
                                                           x   .01

10% discount for new customers!

There is an additional charge for batting.  The price varies from time to time, however, it will always be high quality batting at below retail-store pricing.

Occasionally I undertake a custom quilt project - if I feel I can do it justice.  (If not, I will happily refer you to another quilter).

I charge $.015 per sq in for custom work. 



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